​27 - 28 - 29



Amigo The Devil: Caving In 

Director: Courtney Gauger


An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (30th Anniversary Screening)

Featuring director Phil Nibbelink & executive producer David Kirschner


An Evening Roundup with Ron Underwood: 

City Slickers (30th Anniversary Screening) & Tremors 

Featuring director Ron Underwood, moderated by Lisa Ogdie (BAFTA Los Angeles)


The Dandy Warhols (Live Concert)


Heartworn Highways (45th Anniversary Screening) 

& Heartworn Highways Revisited

Featuring producer Graham Leader, moderated by Calvin Reeder (The Rambler)


Memberin' Monte Hellman: His Acid Westerns with Jack Nicholson 

(The Shooting & Ride In The Whirlwind)

Presented by Jennifer Nicholson & Melissa Hellman  


Mane Street Stampede: Pioneertown's Live Wild West Show


Restored Paramount Treasures (Secret Screenings)


Stupid, F*cking White Man: Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man 

and the Indigenous Image in Westerns

Presented by programmer/filmmaker Adam Piron (Kiowa/Mohawk) 

& filmmaker Blackhorse Lowe (Navajo)


Unspooled: Live From Pioneertown

Hosted by Amy Nicholson and Paul Scheer





(Panels & Masterclasses)

Pioneertown: Truths and Taradiddles

Panel with author and showbiz historian Kliph Nesteroff, local author Kenneth Gentry, and filmmaker Tim Kirk 


Get Shootin’ 

Masterclass with cinematographer Steve Holleran 


How The West Was Preserved 

Masterclass with Charlotte Barker & Jeff McCarty, 

Film Preservation & Restoration Experts 



And With Him Came The West (USA)

Director: Mike Plante


Blanco En Blanco (Spain, Chile, France, Germany)

Director: Théo Court


California On Fire (United States)

Director: Jeff Frost


Cowboys (United States)

Director: Anna Kerrigan


The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson (Australia)

Director: Leah Purcell


The Inglorious Serfs (Ukraine)

Director: Roman Perfilyev


The Last Manhunt (USA)

** W O R L D  P R E M I E R E **

Director: Christian Carmigo


The Mystery of Durango! (USA)

** W O R L D  P R E M I E R E **

Director: Tim Kirk


Oro e Piombo (Gold & Lead) (Italy)

Director: Emiliano Ferrera


Puke (USA)

** W O R L D  P R E M I E R E **

Director: Foster Huntington


20 Years For Revenge (Spain/USA)

Director: Roberto Jennizi


A Fistful of Rubbish (Spain)

Director: David Regos


All I Have To Offer You is Me (USA)

Director: Dillon Hayes


All The Reasons For Killing (USA)

Director: David de Juan Navarro


Archibald’s Syndrome (France)

Director: Daniel Perez


Astral Plane Drifter (USA)

Director: Mike Caravella/Joe di Gennaro


Aurora (USA, Chile)

Director: Thomas Negovan


The Cosmopolitan West (USA)

Director: Molly Ratermann


Cowboy Cookie (USA)

Director: Marco Colosimo and Brandon Kotfila


The Dead West (France)

Director: Students MMI2APP & LPMDN - Beziers IT


The Dentist (USA)

Director: Michael Brian Rawlins


El Débil - w.y.k (Colombia)

Director: Diego Ricardo


Girl Callin’ (USA)

Director: Tiffany Johnson


Inverted Cross (France)

Director: Pater/Son


John Parker and The Madman (Austria)

Director: Alexander Baldreich


The Legend of Long Ball Larry (USA)

Director: Christopher Donohue


Phantom 52 (USA)

Director: Geoff Marslett


A Rodeo Film (USA)

Director: Darius Dawson


Slip Away (USA)

Director: Guicho Flores


Spaghetti Western (USA)

Director: Charles Dye


Well (USA)

Director: Jim and Steve Powers


The Young King (USA)

Director: Larin Sullivan






The Desert Willow Ranch was purchased from Russel Hayden by John and Gay Smith in 1969. It’s 5 acre spread features many old west style structures which will be our designated welcoming center. From the moment you arrive at the PTIFF you will be completely submersed and transported to the days of the Old West. Sign-in, meet your hosts and grab a cocktail from our old west bar featuring Fistful of Bourbon before exploring Pioneertown.





Our premiere theater location is the historic sound stage located on Mane Street in Pioneertown. Just a five minute walk from Desert Willow Ranch, the Sound Stage was built in 1947 when Pioneertown was originally founded by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry and used for many film and television productions. Today it serves as an event space and will be fully customized with theater seating and an Old West bar for our premiere screenings.




Built originally as a waypost for movie stars of old Western, Pioneertown Motel has stood since 1946 as a place for wearied travelers and sun-drunk revelers to seek solace and inspiration. Gene Autry played poker until sunrise in Room #9. The boutique motel and its landscaped grounds will host our VIP lounge & filmmakers and special guests will be put up in the motel as the festival’s official lodging.

red dog.jpeg


A revived historic saloon in the heart of Pioneertown, this completely intact bar - good for  eatin', drinkin', and carryin’ on -  will host the festival’s late night hangouts and nightcaps.




The Super X Ranch, a barn with a view of the mesa and just a short walk from Mane street, serves as the festival’s secondary screening venue.

All screenings on 4k state-of-the-art Christie projectors